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About Storm Servis

We are friends with lightnings and thunder, we jump over roofs like Spiderman!

More than 30 years of experience!

Family business with 30 years of experience

Petr Kulíšek mladší

Storm Servis was founded by Petr Kulíšek, sr. in 1992. What started as a small one-man firm focused on installation and repairs of lightning rods for family houses, soon became a proper company servicing large industrial complexes, living areas or listed and historic houses.

Storm Servis is father and son with their excellent collaborators in the field, and mother supporting them frmo the backoffice.

Petr Kulíšek starší

Certificatios and exams

We extend and renew our certifications regularly. We educate ourselves and study new technoglogies, materials and approaches. Thanks to using quality technology and materials, we guarantee top results even in difficult conditions, when the working area is difficult to access or when the building is a historic listed structure.

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