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We have been installing, inspecting, and repairing lightning rods since 1992. We are a family business, our well-coordinated and experienced team is regularly trained and certified.

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Lightning Rod Installation

Testing & Checking

Height Works

Lightning Protection - Prague, Czechia

We are friends with lightnings and thunder, we jump over roofs like Spiderman!

We adhere to the Czech and European norms, we take extra safety measures, and carefully follow the techical project and documentation.

Installing a lightning conductor

Lightning rod installations

First, we study the project documentation, then we conduct research on the spot. We suggest the lightning protection solution most suitable both technologically and economically. We use high quality materials (AlMgSi, stainless, Cu, FeZn) during the installation istself in order to minimise the hazards in case of a lightning strike and guarantee the proclaimed service life of the lightning conductor.

We use an advanced mountaineering equipment in order to reach even spots with difficult accessibility. Our techniques are considerate to the environment and facade.

When needed, we also arrange the excavation works.

Test & Inspection for Lightning Protection

It is a legal requirement to have the lightning protection professionally tested and inspected in order to minimise the hazards to lives and your property related to a strike of a lightning. We use certified testing tools, we provide an official report including photographic decumentation. We also keep track of the tests and the following scheduled inspection on your behalf.

Did you know that you are obliged by Czech law to have your lightning protection systems checked and inspected in regular intervals?
Find out how often your building should be inspected

Older buildings (constructed until Feb 01 2009)

Older buildings are to be inspected as per the, now invalid, norm 34 1390. The intervals of the regulat inspections are stated in the table below.
Type of building
Object with risk of explosion or fire

Structures consisting of highly, mid or moderately flammable materials
2 years
Other buildings
5 years

Newer buildings (constructed after Feb 01 2009)

Since Nov 01 2006, the new norm ČSN EN 62 305 is active and all buildings constructed after Feb 01 2009 has to be inspected under ČSN EN 62 305. The inspection intervals are defined by the safety classification of the building and the level of required protection.
Level of required protection (LPS)
I & II
Visual inspection
1 year
1 year
Complete inspection
2 years
4 years
Critical systems - complete inspection
1 year
1 year

Levels of required protection (LPS)

The building classification is done by a certified technician or expert installation firm based on a calculation depending on several factors. Such as, the building's surroundings, fire and other hazards, type of structure, type of the base soil and other.

Refer to the examples of structures in the table below:
LPS class
Examples of buildings
  • Building with a risk of an explosion
  • Manufactures with chemical production
  • Banks
  • Supermarkets
  • Museums
  • Family houses with equipment above standards
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Family houses
  • Office buildings
  • Blocks of flats
  • Buildings standing in protective zones of other structures
  • Warehouses
  • Agricultural structures
Lightning rod inspection

Type of buildings we provide lightning protection for

Lightning Protection System on a hotel roof

Industrial and office buildings

Factories, warehouses, hotels, office buildings, blocks of flats
Lightning rod on a family house

Family houses & villas

Houses of all types and sizes, including design or historic houses
LPS on listed buildings

Listed structures

Churches, castles, palaces and other protected buildings

Thanks to our mountaineering training and equipment, we install lightning rods in a way considerable to facade and environment.

We also arrange all the excavation and height works.

Storm Servis is maintaining the lightning protection including servicing and regular inspections. They also install new Lightning Protection Systems. We are very satisfied with their services.

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Family business since 1992

Petr Kulíšek, junior

Storm Servis was founded by Petr Kulíšek, sr. in 1992. What started as a small one-man firm focused on installation and repairs of lightning rods for family houses, soon became a proper company servicing large industrial complexes, living areas or listed and historic houses.

Storm Servis is father and son with their excellent collaborators in the field, and mother supporting them frmo the backoffice.

Petr Kulíšekm senior
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