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We use quality materials and always consider the best approach most suitable for each case. Thanks to our experience and top-notch equipment we guarantee our work is considerate to your property and the environment.

Case study: Barrandov Studio a.s. (film studio)

Barrandov film studio is one of the biggest and oldest in Europe, it also frequently used by foreign shooting crews. There are several very valuable ateliers and shooting locations in the area, which need to be properly protected agianst strike of a lightning.

Storm Servis inspects the lightning protection systems regularly, we also installed several new lightning rods, adjusted the grounding and revised the current lightning rod sets.

We would like to point out several jobs:

  • New lightning rod for the Maintenance Warehouse DD.
  • Complete supply and installation of LPS (roof + lead-ins), as per the project documentation, including the grounding works.
  • Complete renovation of the unsuitable lightning rod of the cutting room.
  • Complete disasembly of current lightning rods including the lead-ins, followed by the installation of new LPS as per the projext documentation.
  • Disassembly of lead-ins with use of specialized mountaineering equipment.

We have carefully documented all our work and completed the job witin agreed time schedule. We are servicing the LPS and providing inspections and check-ups on all structures in the area.

Height works at Barrandov film ateliers
Lightning conductor, Atelier Barrandov
Lightning rod on the cutting room
Loghtning rod by Storm Servis

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